Monday, January 9, 2012

An African Adventure

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We have taken you to many modern cities around the world and this time we're traveling to a place a little more exotic and a lot more "real". We're heading to the glorious continent of Africa and taking you to Kenya. We fell in love with this country immediately. This is a place where nature has the stage. There are vast savannas, exotic trees, the bluest of oceans and the most incredible of skies. The beaches here are untouched and decorated with greenery and animals. It is easy to see where the locals draw their inspiration from...colour and beauty is everywhere in Kenya, and the artworks the locals sell represent it very well. They use wood, shells and pearls to create a truly unique gift.

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Here, people are living without iPads, laptops, mobile phones...and you know what...they're happy. A smile is on their face always, they appreciate their natural environment and their simplicity of life actually allows them to live more of the stresses that we all encounter everyday. Kenya is not a fast paced world and we wouldn't want it any other way. Perhaps that is why the British royal family like to escape to get away from the stress of the modern world and come and be least for a while.
For us, some of the highlights included the fruits...the mangos here are perhaps the best we've ever tasted and the's so fresh that a local guy will climb up the palm and cut it for you right then and about service!
While there are many water sports activities to do here, there is one thing that is the most unique and special to Kenya...a safari. If you go, we recommend going to Masai Mara. You'll need to take a flight to it, but flying over Kilimanjaro makes it definitely worth it. You'll feel like you walked into Animal Planet channel. The animals are so close that you can feel there emotions...there is peace, fear, love and violence. That is the animal world. To have the opportunity to see these animals run without borders and witness first hand their survival instincts is a once in a lifetime experience. These animals all follow the law of nature...only the strongest survive. At night, sleeping in tents, you will hear elephants walking around, you'll know crocodiles are not too far off and the hypos heading out to the Maria river will definitely keep your adrenaline pumping...but this is just part of the experience...and an amazing one it is.
It's definitely worth the time to visit the Masai Mara tribe. You will be able to see up close and personal how their life is out in the wild. They are resourceful people and nothing goes to waste. Their cottages are made of mud, sticks, grass, cow dun and human urine...and hey, it works because they've built a whole village out of this. Their happiness and pastimes consists of singing and social networks here to keep them occupied.
They use a lot of colourful fabrics for their clothing and accessories consist of necklaces and piercings or stretch lobes. Traditionally you will be offered to try their diet that consists of meat, milk and blood from the cattle but we agree that perhaps this may be only for the real adventure type.
We absolutely love and understand why designers would be inspired by the beauty that is Africa. The colours and patterns are bold, colourful and utterly animalistic in style.
michael-kors-maxi-spring-2012Michael-Kors-sheer-spring-2012yoyo00360mSB_5_048aSB_44_021Donna Karan00020m
So, when you're in Africa and not on a safari, we highly recommend you hit the beach...we love these inspired suits that make us feel like we belong in the most fashionable of animal kingdoms.
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For occasional walking to the beach or to the market you need just easy dresses. Here are some options:
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And again a post without heels...don't worry, Ladies...the heels will be back but for our current adventure, keep your feel happy after long walks with these inspired sandals.
Accessorize Plaited Celtic Knot SandalGuiseppe Zanotti leather sandalsAlexandre Birman natural python and braided leatherSteve Madden PridddeAncient Greek Sandals aphrodite metallic leather sandalsValentino Studded leather flats
We love a big bag for a trip like this. You need to have space to pack your camera, sunscreen and a whatever goodies you pick up at the market.
Rebecca Mincoff Endless Love Straw & Leather Tote BagSalvatore Feraggamo Printed Canvas Tote BagTory Burch Straw Turnlock Tote Bag
Great way to embrace the adventurer in you...just pick up a hat like these:
ASOS Open Weave Shell And Beaded Trim HatEugenia Kim
And for everyday travel, we are opting for simple outfits...shorts and an easy top...add your sandals, a hat and your bag and you're ready to go for the nearest adventure. This trip is not about working your look on the catwalk but actually seeing the cats do their walk for you.
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Keep the chic and warm at night with a lightweight scarf. Always a great item to carry and with so many useful's hard to not take one with you.
Slices Month Print ScarfRiver Island brown tiger face  leopard printAccesorize Animal Print Imi Square Scarf
For keeping your toes safe from harm during your safari trip or a hike, we suggest something like a Converse All Star. They are made of cotton and will allow your foot to stay comfortable even in the hottest of days.
uChuck Taylor All Stargk
Our last tip has to do with Malaria...don't forget to make sure you get your pills and all your shots before going to this remote but beautiful place. If you have that covered, we can promise you that the only danger is to be surrounded with lions and leopards...while they're hunting for zebras....but that hardly ever happens....hardly.
Safest of travels, embrace the nature, appreciate the simplicity of life and enjoy this destination...we definitely did.
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