Saturday, July 21, 2012


we're-movingLadies….we are sooooo happy to share with you this big news…we are launching two new sites because having one site for all the fabulosity we have to offer you was just not possible anymore.
We have absolutely positively loved our time here on Packing Stylist with you…we have learned, grown and appreciated every minute we have spent here (honestly)…but we are both so creative and have so much we want to share that it was just a natural next step for each of us to have our own blog.
And before you can even think or say the word “gossip”…believe us, there is none. We love and respect each other as professionals, creative individuals and friends. We will continue to support one another as we both grow into new and exciting directions….and here’s the proof ;)
And just in case you can’t read those message…here is our new information:

Biljana Tipsarevic will continue her blogging life sharing her travels, fashion and beauty loves on her new blog:
She will keep updating the Facebook page for her blog:
If you’d like to follow her on Twitter, you can do by following
If you’d like to follow her new blog on Bloglovin, you can do so here:
Want to send her an email? Contact her at

Martha Dominguez had a previous blog but has now inserted more of her fashion views, food obsessions and personal life stories:
You can “Like” her blog on Facebook…it would make her day ;):
Want to follow her on Twitter? Do so by going here
Her blog is on Bloglovin and you can follow it here:
And lastly, want to send her an email? You can do so at

So that’s it for us here….we will leave these posts up for the time to come but from now, you will find all our NEW posts on our NEW blogs.
Please be sure to update your information and stay connected with us…we really have loved getting to know you and we truly hope that you’ll stay in touch with us.

Sending you all lots of love, hugs, fashion, passions and happiness always!

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